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Circle launches new Bitcoin exchange service. Time to go mainstream?

Nobody gets me Bitcoins!

Nobody gets me Bitcoins! (Photo credit: zcopley)

The recent Bitcoin conference in Amsterdam saw the launch of a new Bitcoin trading platform Circle.

With a manifesto to smooth the transition of adaptation into everyday use the website’s strapline is “Bitcoin is digital money for the modern world. We make it easy to use—instant, secure, and free. The way money should be.”

The secret here is that the site will seamlessly connect with regular debit/credit cards and handle the crypto conversions on the fly. Currently the service is free and users need to request an invite to take part. Founded by former Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire, Circle has already raised over $26 million in private capital,

The site has invested heavily in security and compliance regulation. A wise move with the bad press surrounding other large bitcoin exchanges. They’ve promised a $10 credit to all new users too!

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Bitpay introduces test payments for developers

Bitcoin payment processor Bitpay has announced new testing capabilities for developers wanting to explore the payment system in a sandbox or none live data environment.

Bitpay recently acquired over $30 million in stage one funding with investors including the likes of Richard Branson.

English: Industrialist Richard Branson at the ...

English: Industrialist Richard Branson at the Time 100 Gala, May 3, 2010. Photo by David Shankbone. 

Andy Philipson described the feature on the bitpay blog as

‘The BitPay test environment is a scalable, production-like environment that exactly mirrors our world-class payment-processing platform.’

The BitPay test server exposes all of the features of the BitPay payment processing platform including:

Merchant payment processing
Bitcoin Payment Gateway API interaction
Mobile checkout
Hosted checkout
Catalog items
Payroll payment processing
Bitcoin Payroll API interaction

Read more at the Bitpay blog


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What is Namecoin?

Many Crypto users have Namecoins in their portfolios. But what are they and how to use them? Mining pools like and bitminter mine namecoins as a ‘bonus’ to their users. Most users we have spoken to simply exchange their Namecoins for Bitcoins but could you be missing out on their real value?

Why not use your namecoins to buy a .bit domain? You do need to use a special server though. A popular public DNS provider OpenNIC supports the .bit TLD so with with just a small amount of namecoins you can be up and running quickly. See the Reddit thread for more details.

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