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Review: Gaw Miners Fury (Zeus) Asic Scrypt Miner

We’ve had 3 of these entry level asic scrypt devices running for the last few weeks without any problems whatsoever.

At $60-$90 each they are certainly affordable little workhorses when you compare them to expensive high-end graphics cards. We ordered direct from Gaw, so be aware that you’ll need to pay a customs import tax levy in the UK.

The unit comes neatly packaged with USB lead and power cable (UK adaptor needed). You can be up and running in a few minutes with custom software builds for Windows, Linux and Mac available from the Gaw website. We used the excellent BFG Miner from Nate Woolls blog – instructions here.

We’ve been advised that the units can draw 48 watts. Although a little high this still compares favourably to running a PC tower and power hungry graphics card. Each unit will hash at 1-1.3 MH/s and you can also buy with hosted cloud mining at Zen Miners.

With a vast array of high powered Asic Scrypt miners hitting the market the units may have a limited life span but if you want to dabble without risking too much money, then these are the perfect fit.

Gaw Miners Website

Beware Bitcoin Scams!

How to avoid bitcoin scams

The Bitcoin community is a fairly solid one but like anything gathering traction, rogues will infiltrate at will. The anonymity of Bitcoin with the benefit of decentralization can also be it’s weakness.

Scam sites can remain undetected and once your cryptocurrency leaves your wallet there isn’t a great deal you can do to get it back. One site looking to change all that is which lists dubious websites.

Kosher sites can ask to be delisted from the site if a mistake has been made, but the site is worth a scan before you dive in to any double your money schemes. One such site currently advertising heavily is It promises quick returns on your investment with daily payouts. The only problem is that once you’ve received the first few payments, your account suddenly disappears and you’ve been scammed!

Bitcoin Magazine

Bitcoin Magazine (Photo credit: zcopley)


Free Altcoins! – A Guide To The Best Faucets

Altcoins can be more fun and rewarding (as well as risky) than Bitcoin. There are quite a few altcoin faucets springing up and we’ve listed some below. For Bitcoin faucets please see our other guide here.

Don’t forget if you are an absolute starter you’ll need a wallet and address so you can store your coins. For altcoins you could do worst than open an account at Bleutrade and get wallet addresses provided for all your altcoins.

Free Altcoin Faucets
Site Reward Comments Rating Link
Moon Litecoin Varies You claim when you want 5 stars visitsite
Free Dogecoin Varies Up to 500000 Doge every hour! 5 stars visitsite
Moon Dogecoin Varies You claim when you want 5 stars visitsite
Field Litecoin Varies Claim every 5 minutes or you decide! 4 stars visitsite