Review: Gaw Miners Fury (Zeus) Asic Scrypt Miner

We’ve had 3 of these entry level asic scrypt devices running for the last few weeks without any problems whatsoever.

At $60-$90 each they are certainly affordable little workhorses when you compare them to expensive high-end graphics cards. We ordered direct from Gaw, so be aware that you’ll need to pay a customs import tax levy in the UK.

The unit comes neatly packaged with USB lead and power cable (UK adaptor needed). You can be up and running in a few minutes with custom software builds for Windows, Linux and Mac available from the Gaw website. We used the excellent BFG Miner from Nate Woolls blog – instructions here.

We’ve been advised that the units can draw 48 watts. Although a little high this still compares favourably to running a PC tower and power hungry graphics card. Each unit will hash at 1-1.3 MH/s and you can also buy with hosted cloud mining at Zen Miners.

With a vast array of high powered Asic Scrypt miners hitting the market the units may have a limited life span but if you want to dabble without risking too much money, then these are the perfect fit.

Gaw Miners Website